New Airwheel eScooters

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Edmund Vong

Airwheel Z5

The super-economical Airwheel Z3 has been replaced by the Airwheel Z5. The Z5 is an update to the Z3. It looks better, is easier to fold, and is more comfortable to ride.

Technical improvements means it is also quieter when running compared to the Z3.

Additional refinements include an intelligient headlamp (the Z3 did not have a headlamp) and a brake tail light. Our favorite feature is that the battery pack is now mounted near the front foot, making it much more handy to carry.

At only $749, the Z5 is great value for money and is very practical for short point-A to point-B journeys.

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Airwheel E6

The E6 is a nifty eScooter with a seat. It's great for riders who want to cover the distance in a relaxed, seated position unlike regular stand-up eScooters.

The E6 includes front and rear suspension for a cushy ride. Like the Z3 and Z5 eScooters, the battery pack is easily changeable. The seats are compact and surprisingly comfortable, with twin round rubber saddles (one for each cheek of the butt), instead of the regular bicycle-type saddle which can be uncomfortable for long rides.

The E6 is also very easily to fold up to put into storage or the boot of a car. 

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