MOBOT Electric Scooters

Posted on October 04, 2017 by Edmund Vong

If you've been in the market for an electric scooter or personal mobility device (PMD), then you must have seen a MOBOT scooter at least once.

Known for their very practical and competitively priced electric scooters, MOBOT is one of the largest sellers in Singapore.

MOBOT electric scooters offer excellent value for money. They tend to far out-spec other scooters at similar price points. Buyers now have the option to choose between an entry-level model from a famous international brand, or a high-performance MOBOT.

Besides offering very high value, MOBOT scooters sport features that show a keen understanding of the tastes of the buyer in Singapore. These include after-market seats for stand-up models, models that can take a pillion rider, as well as scooter models that are designed to be ridden in a seated position in the first place.

The electric scooter collection also addresses a wide spectrum of riders. They have models for the family commute to school (that carries 3 riders), versatile models for daily use, as well as high-performance models for the joy riders (with front and rear suspension).

The competitive price, compelling value and market-sensitive offerings allowed MOBOT to capture market share very quickly from both distributors of established international brand names as well as small-scale OEM sellers.

Perhaps the most understated feature of MOBOT electric scooters is the large scale and well organised technical support behind each scooter. MOBOT has a local repair centre that is well staffed and open six days a week. Anyone who has seen MOBOT's back-end operations will be convinced that they are poised to serve the market in a big way.

We expect MOBOT to be a major player in the PMD scene in Singapore for years to come.